Sad Papaw

A new brew that is sure to be your new favorite! Full bodied & full of all the choco-peanutty flavors. This 6.5% stout is named for Muriah’s grandpa, an avid dark beer fan who was oh so looking forward to this brew but sadly decided to snowbird in AZ for 3 months missing the release of this tasty beverage, making him one Sad Papaw



This horchata stout is our spin on the traditional drink. Dark as night, with a smooth creamy mouthfeel, cinnamon forward with a little nuttiness from the almonds on the backside. This brew is so good it will make you want to DANCE.

Other:Cinnamon, almonds

White Out

{ W H I T E • O U T } Blonde Stout has returned!
Medium bodied, full of roasted coffee flavor, sweetly balanced with cocoa nibs, Mexican vanilla & creamy lactose.
This unique style impersonates all the flavor & feel you expect from a stout without the roasted/chocolate malts that produce the typical dark color.

Other:Snowy Elk coffee