Pregame Pale Ale

When you want to start the party before the party, this ale will do the trick!  A light bodied, well balanced American Pale Ale brewed with Falconers Flight, Goldings,  and Cascade hops is the perfect way to pregame any event!

(4.17) | 12 Ratings

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Zythos Pale Ale

An American Pale Ale double hopped with Zythos hops.  This pale ale is light bodied, refreshing and aromatic, dry hopped moderately,  to ensure the showcase of our Zythos hops!


High Noon Chili Ale

A light, crisp ale that has a slight pepper bite. Brewed with jalapeno, fresca, serrano and habanero peppers but don’t worry, you won’t need a full glass of milk to cool your mouth down after drinking this.

(3.58) | 611 Ratings

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Other:Jalapeno, serrano, fresca, habanero