🏆Belgian Dip – WYPA

This years Annual Wyoming Craft Brewer’s Guild Member Collab brew was a West Coast IPA. We follow a base recipe featuring specific malts & hops from our event Sponsors. Then each brewery puts their own spin on it – our biggest twist being the addition of the saison yeast for a bit of a dip into the Belgian IPA world. It’s quite an intriguing blend of hop bitterness + yeasty esters that we absolutely recommend trying. Crips, clean, fruity, hoppy, belgiany.

This brew brought home the GOLD for Belgian Beer @ Laramie Brewfest 2023.

Yeast:Saison, Ale

Bruja Bubbels

This Dark Belgian IPA is inspired by Sefa Bubbels, the mistress of witchcraft in Beselare, Belgium. It takes true witchery to conjure up a beer with such a light body yet dark color, that tastes of floral earthy notes and finishes with such a balanced malty sweetness. This witches brew is sure to have you under its spell after one sip!