Midnight Ryeder

We wanted to make midnight as dark as it could be so we added just enough rye to give this chocolatey porter a little bit of roast which we’ve amply balanced with some true Mexican Vanilla. The perfect brew for Wyoming winters.

(3.80) | 73 Ratings

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Baby Got Bock

This bock is as toasted malt and hoppy bitter balanced as you’d expect from a traditional Maibock with a “baby” abv.

(3.52) | 35 Ratings

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The Schwarz is strong in this one! Although dark in color, the mouth feel is crisp and light!  The dry roasty character of this German Lager replaces the fruity undertones of its ancestral cousins.

(3.73) | 16 Ratings

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Orange Peel Wheat

An American Wheat beer brewed with sweet orange peel lends a moderate orange zest aroma and flavor.  With a lighter body than most wheat beers, you’ll be able to enjoy pint after pint!

(3.82) | 120 Ratings

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Wild Bliss Cream Ale

This is an easy drinking cream ale with a slight sweetness which builds a wonderful bridge from “domestic” beers to the better, brighter world of craft beer!

(3.54) | 68 Ratings

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Java Jolt Coffee Amber

This  Amber Ale is infused with a locally roasted coffee blend from Snowy Elk Coffee Company, located here in Cheyenne.  The rich coffee aroma and flavor, coupled with the medium bodied amber ale, is perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

(0.00) | 4 Ratings

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Other:Cold brewed coffee

High Noon Chili Ale

A light, crisp ale that has a slight pepper bite. Brewed with jalapeño, serrano and habañero peppers but don’t worry, you won’t need a full glass of milk to cool your mouth down after drinking this.

(3.61) | 814 Ratings

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Other:Jalapeno, serrano, habanero

1890 IPA

Our flagship! A very well balanced American IPA that pays homage to the year Wyoming became at state: 1890.

(3.55) | 913 Ratings

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