Dash of Wit

We tried our hand at a Belgian wheat beer and with a Dash of Wit we think this one is a winner.

(0.00) | 0 Ratings

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Sow my Royal

This oatmeal stout is the epitome of delicious. Lighter bodied for a dark beer, full of roasted notes and a crisp mouthfeel. One of these is sure to get you in the mood… for more beer.

(3.80) | 38 Ratings

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Hop Exchange

This brew may be subject to constant hop exchange but you can expect that no matter what hop combo we put in there the flavor is sure to be delicious.

(3.75) | 72 Ratings

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Hops:Zythos, Cascade, Evergreen & Zamba

Fest Bier

Our Festbier is a pale Munich lager – light and malty with a low hop character.

(3.72) | 65 Ratings

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Brown And Gold

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(3.71) | 189 Ratings

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SolShine Orange Peel Wheat

Our American wheat beer, reimagined. Brewed with sweet orange peel, coriander and now with whole orange purée this beer packs a zesty punch of orange aroma and flavor. With a lighter body than most wheat beers, you’ll be able to enjoy pint after pint! A local favorite.

(3.82) | 163 Ratings

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Java Jolt Coffee Amber

This  Amber Ale is infused with a locally roasted coffee blend from Snowy Elk Coffee Company.  The rich coffee aroma and flavor, coupled with the medium bodied amber ale, is perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

(3.87) | 248 Ratings

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Other:Leave No Trace Coffee from Snowy Elk

High Noon Chili Ale

A light, crisp ale that has a slight pepper bite. Brewed with jalapeño, serrano and habañero peppers but don’t worry, you won’t need a full glass of milk to cool your mouth down after drinking this.

(3.63) | 962 Ratings

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Other:Jalapeno, serrano, habanero