Double Black Diamond Imperial Stout

Tired of the cold, windy weather?!  Our new Imperial Stout will warm those shivering bones!  Exceedingly smooth for this style, this very roasty, malty stout ends with a delectable coffee aftertaste.

(0.00) | 3 Ratings

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Helles on Wheels

An extremely crisp clean Lager!!  The word, Helles, is German for bright.  This references the clarity of this beer!  Truly showcasing the Pilsner malt, this Lager lends a perfectly balanced bread and malt sweetness character to the Mt. Hood hops!

(4.05) | 15 Ratings

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Mirror Lake Pale Wheat

This American Pale Wheat is a perfect balance of wheat and hop!  The slight hazy golden hue guides you into the malt foward flavor, followed closely by a mildly crisp hop finish!

(0.00) | 5 Ratings

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This Extra Special Bitter is a very well balanced ale!  Slight hop bitterness gives way a prominent biscuit finish!

(3.53) | 112 Ratings

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Breakfast King Stout

This Oatmeal Stout, created by Joel Emerick, is brewed with Summit and Mt. Hood hops!  It carries an incredibly smooth mouth feel, followed by a mild sweetness.  Infused with locally roasted Paramount Blend coffee beans, this ale is sure to be the king at the breakfast table!!

(3.85) | 66 Ratings

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Orange Peel Wheat

An American Wheat beer brewed with sweet orange peel lends a moderate orange zest aroma and flavor.  With a lighter body than most wheat beers, you’ll be able to enjoy pint after pint!

(3.80) | 94 Ratings

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High Noon Chili Ale

A light, crisp ale that has a slight pepper bite. Brewed with jalapeno, serrano and habanero peppers but don’t worry, you won’t need a full glass of milk to cool your mouth down after drinking this.

(3.59) | 729 Ratings

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Other:Jalapeno, serrano, habanero

1890 IPA

Our flagship is back, only slightly subdued on the ABV!!  A very well balanced American IPA that pays homage to the year Wyoming became at state: 1890.

(3.55) | 820 Ratings

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