SLAM Dunkel

It’s toasty, nutty with hints of caramel and light chocolate. This dark German lager is a SLAM Dunkel!


Lord Vader

Our take on an Imperial stout that is so smooth it’ll have you choosing the Dark Side for Alderaan reasons. Flavors of chocolate & roast reminiscent of the beaches of Mustafar this beer is the SITH.


Big Poppa’s Pilz

If you suffer from the affliction known as Light Beer Drinkers then this Pilsner style is the right prescription for you! It goes down way easier than any horse pill so if you’re feeling that itch come on down – we accept walk ins.



This Scottish ale is the perfect golfing beer. Medium bodied and full of toasted malt flavors so drinkable you’ll definitely ask for a do-over and we won’t count it against you because this beer is ON PAR!


SolShine Orange Peel Wheat

Our American wheat beer, reimagined. Brewed with sweet orange peel, coriander and now with whole orange purée this beer packs a zesty punch of orange aroma and flavor. With a lighter body than most wheat beers, you’ll be able to enjoy pint after pint! A local favorite.


Java Jolt Coffee Amber

We gave this brew a JOLT by infusing it with a locally roasted coffee blend from Snowy Elk Coffee Company.  The rich coffee aroma and flavor, coupled with the medium bodied amber ale, is the perfect pick-me-up that pairs perfectly with breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Other:Coffee from Snowy Elk

High Noon Chili Ale

A light, crisp ale that has a slight pepper bite. Brewed with jalapeño, serrano and habañero peppers but don’t worry, you won’t need a full glass of milk to cool your mouth down after drinking this.

Other:Jalapeno, serrano, habanero

🥈1890 IPA

Our original flagship! A very well balanced American IPA that pays homage to the year Wyoming became a state: 1890. This is now an award winning brew with a 2nd place in the IPA Category @ Lander Brewfest 2023