Beers on Tap


  Blonde Ale: Light body with a bright light color. Low hop bitterness. Our Blonde ale is our lightest and easiest drinking ale. With a touch of honey malt this beer offers just the right amount of sweetness.

Blood Orange Wheat: A light bodied, American wheat beer with low hop bitterness.  Fermented with blood orange concentrate, this beer offers strong citrus flavors perfect for any occasion!

Cascade Pale Ale: Brewed as a single hopped pale ale, using only Cascade hops.  The hops fully contribute to the citrus fruit aroma and grapefruit flavor notes from start to finish.

1890 IPA: Our 1890 is a medium bodied golden amber color American IPA. This IPA is well hopped with carefully selected varieties that lend to big floral and grapefruit aromas. This beer finishes with big citrus hop characteristics without being crushingly bitter.

Day Break White IPA: Light Bodied, light colored IPA with high hop bitterness. This ale is refreshingly balanced between malt and hop, releasing a delightful citrus character which lingers on the palate!

Hoppysaurus Red: Slight roasty presence on the front end, then BAM! Strong hop bitterness, finishing with awesome citrus and piney hop characteristics.

Vanilla Porter: A full bodied dark ale with low hop bitterness and roasty undertones. Prominent aromas and flavors of Madagascar Vanilla make this a Freedom’s Edge favorite!

Oatmeal Stout: Medium body, deep black color. Brewed with a fair share of rolled oats and chocolate malt, this beer gives all the rich, roasty flavors a stout should offer while being mild enough for every palate to enjoy.