Beers on Tap

  • Falconers Pale Wheat: A slighty hoppy, light bodied & citrusy wheat beer brewed with all Falconer’s Flight hops. This is perfect for any day!
  • High Noon Chili Ale: Light bodied ale brewed with      jalapeno, serrano and habanero peppers for a nice spicy kick!
  • Simcoe Extra Pale Ale: An American Pale Ale brewed with all Simcoe hops. Moderately hoppy with pine and citrus characteristics.
  • 1890 IPA: Medium bodied with high citrus hop flavors. A very balanced American IPA.
  • Red Ale: A malt forward red ale with low hop bitterness. This ale is smooth with a pleasant roasty finish.
  • Java Jolt Coffee Amber: Brewed with freshly roasted Guatemalan coffee beans from The Bean Cycle in Fort Collins, Colorado. Medium bodied amber ale with pleasant coffee aromas and flavor!
  • Oatmeal Stout: Medium body, deep black color. Brewed with a fair share of rolled oats and chocolate malt, this beer gives all the rich, roasty flavors a stout should offer while being mild enough for every palate to enjoy.
  • Vanilla Porter: A full bodied dark ale with low hop bitterness and roasty undertones. Prominent aromas and flavors of Madagascar Vanilla make this a Freedom’s Edge favorite!